By ordering this item, you will receive one(1) handcrafted scented sachet and one(1) spray vial containing 1ml of the scent for re-apply purpose (worth USD 5).



Ever dreamed of a luxurious handmade scented sachet laced with our award-winning Miyako extrait? We hear you! These beautiful handcrafted sachets will be offered for a certain period of time only. Before we send the sachets, we will generously spray each sachet with our Miyako extrait. The scented sachet will project its scent for some time, depending on the way it is used, before it softens to a lingering scent. When you find the scent turns weak, just simply untie the sachet and apply a few spritzes of the included Miyako extrait onto the cotton bag inside.

Please Do NOT wash the sachets. It is also advisable to avoid contact wih moisture. Each sachet will come with an individual metal container. The sachets are available in 2 colors - Red and Peach (these colors refer to the main colors of the fabric). If you have any color preference, please leave us a message during the checkout process. However, since we have only limited quantity of each color, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your order in your preferred color choice. If there is no message left, we will randomly pick the colors instead.

Shipping method: 
- International orders: Standard international registered mail (same as sample-only shipments)
- Domestic orders: Standard courier delivery