Join us for a two-day perfume workshop this summer in Paris, France! The workshop will provide a rare opportunity to meet us in person and learn extensive knowledge as well as techniques regarding perfume blending and the East-Asian Way of Scent.


You will be learning many of the rarely-known facts, knowledge and interesting stories about the incense and the Way of Scent of East Asia. You will also be getting a rare chance to smell an assortment of East-Asian incense during an appreciation session. Last but not least, you will be blending your own perfume based on inspirations derived from East-Asian Way of Scent and incense.

Guided by us during an incense appreciation session, you will be smelling an assortment of famous historical incense revived from authentic old recipes, including incense from the Han Dynasty (2nd century BCE ~ 2nd century CE), Tang Dynasty (7th century ~ 10th century), Song Dynasty (10th century ~ 13th century) and Ming Dynasty (14th century ~ 17th century). Moreover, you will also be appreciating Japanese incense and learning the Way of Scent of both China and Japan, as well as understand how the East-Asian Way of Scent has influenced Western perfumes.

You will also be smelling the world’s first true “Oriental” perfume, revived from an authentic perfume formula found in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. This liquid-form perfume was once highly appreciated by the imperial court of Qing Dynasty (17th century ~ 20th century) and was much loved by the famous three emperors of Qing Dynasty -- the Kang Xi Emperor, the Yong Zheng Emperor and the Qian Long Emperor. After thorough researches done on the original formula, we successfully revived the perfume that was once endorsed by the emperors. This perfume is unreleased, so you will not be able to smell it elsewhere. Joining our workshop is the only way to smell this perfume that was revived from a 17th-century formula. This is the earliest true perfume made in the East, making it the world's first true "Oriental" perfume. From this particular perfume, we will dive into the true root of Oriental perfumes, learn the untold history of Oriental perfumes, and learn how this perfume has inspired the birth of all Oriental perfumes as well as the Oriental genre as a whole.

Furthermore, you will be smelling a selection of our finest raw materials, including many of our favorite extracts used in our past and current perfumes, e.g. natural oud, rare flower extracts, our signature animalic accords, etc.. Get to learn the quality and performance of each of these materials. With our guidance, you will blend your own perfume using the provided palette of the finest ingredients based on inspirations derived from incense and the Way of Scent of East Asia, as well as the revived imperial Oriental perfume. We will also be sharing our own techniques and know-hows in perfume making, providing you with many exclusive insights into how we create perfumes. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to bring back a bottle of your own finished perfume.


Date: August 24 & 25, 2019 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 10am ~ 5pm, local time (including lunch break)

Venue: A cozy workshop studio in Paris, France

Instructors: Eugene Au & Emrys Au (award-winning perfumers)

Language: English

Fee: USD 450 per person [The fee excludes flight tickets, accommodations, transportation fees, meals, personal expenses, etc.]

Deposit required to sign up for the workshop: USD 150 per person; must be paid before June 7, 2019; 11:59PM PDT (GMT-7) to secure your spot. [This deposit is non-refundable]

Max. pax: 12 participants. Seats are extremely limited. First come first serve. Book with us as early as possible to secure your spot.


This is possibly your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to benefit from the results of our many-year research regarding East-Asian incense, the true origin of all Oriental perfumes which was from the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese and Japanese Way of Scent, how the Eastern scent culture has greatly influenced Western perfumery, as well as our perfume-making techniques and secrets. Don't miss this well-worth workshop! 



Add this item to cart and proceed to checkout to pay a non-refundable deposit of USD 150 per person before June 7, 2019; 11:59PM PDT (GMT-7) to book your seat. After we have received your deposit, we will send you an update email. You will then need to pay the remaining amount (i.e. USD 300) by late June (exact due date will be informed privately) in order to confirm your participation. After that, you will receive all necessary information and details regarding the workshop, including the exact location of the workshop and your digital ticket to the workshop. You should also book your flight tickets and accommodations on your own only after your participation is confirmed.

Your summer vacation this year will certainly be unforgettable and well-spent with this workshop. Look forward to meeting you in Paris this summer!