Winner of The Art and Olfaction Awards 2016


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Notes included:

Apricot, Yuzu, Peach, Japanese Golden Osmanthus (Kin Mokusei), Jasmine Green Tea, Leather, Precious Woods (Hinoki, Cedar, Sandalwood), Patchouli, Katsura Leaf, Silken Musk

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au

Size: 15ml Bottle


- Limited Availability -

The opening shouts juicy peach, tangy and zesty yuzu, and sweet ripe apricot. Gradually, the unique sweet note of Japanese golden osmanthus (Kin-Mokusei) shines through, accompanied by a touch of jasmine green tea note. All these sweet notes are cut by shades of metallic and bitter leather note, resulting in a "shibui" and balanced scent. Various woody notes consisting of hinoki, cedar and sandalwood, underpainted with dashes of earthy-powdery note of patchouli and caramellic-sweet note of katsura leaf, then exudes from the heart note. The dry down, embellished with silken musk, turns into a velvety smooth lusciousness. A complex and dramatic fragrance to treat that idiosyncratic soul within yourself.


Walking down the serene street of the ancient capital city of the Far East Land. Golden osmanthus (Kin-Mokusei) flowers are in full bloom, exuding its sweet and exotic scent with notes of ripe apricot, peach and freesia. There are also Yuzu trees in the midst of the osmanthus, adding a hint of citrus to the bouquet. Jackets worn by pedestrians fill the air with a touch of leather. Notes of Jasmine green tea come from the tea house nearby. Geishas with white faces and red lips are walking up and down, and the slight powdery note of those scented sachets tied to their waists slowly penetrates the air. Finally, scents of precious woods from the nearby Jinja (shrine) shine through, accompanied by the sweet, caramellic Katsura leaves which have already turned red in this season of autumn.

It is normal to have some sediments/separations in this scent due to the nature of the raw materials used. Just gently shake well before applying it.