Auphorie, a portmanteau name from founders' surnames, Au, and the French word, Euphorie (meaning euphoria), perfectly signifying its East-meets-West brand concept. Co-founded by Eugene Au and Emrys Au, Auphorie is one of the few independent luxury perfume houses which is founded and wholly owned by perfumers.

Auphorie is a Maison de Parfum dedicated entirely to highly original luxury handcrafted perfumes and scent solutions, made in small batches using an eclectic selection of the finest natural extracts and innovative raw ingredients, with meticulous craftsmanship and an obsessive attention to details. At Auphorie, the founders continuously explore the world of scent with ingenuity, bridging the gap between the old (cultures, heritages, etc.) and the modern (technologies, interpretations, etc.), and create multisensory scent solutions that are luxurious, exquisite, and eccentric. Heavily inspired by cultures and heritages throughout the world, Eugene and Emrys compose the fragrances to evoke unique images and depictions of nostalgia and memories, resulting in fine fragrances that are modern in composition, yet rich in cultural roots.

As self-taught perfumers, the duo have always been fascinated by the world of scent. Before starting their own perfume house, they have both ventured into design industry and F&B businesses. Having an interior and product design background, Eugene is mostly responsible for the creative direction of the perfume house. Emrys who has an IT background, plays an important role in web and IT related works.

While both of them have different backgrounds, Eugene and Emrys both share the same characteristics, i.e. they are in love with the world of scent. Their previous experiences as self-learned pastry and liquid chefs have trained them into olfactorily sensitive individuals. Flavor and scent matching skills combined with perfumery techniques, and with reference to cultures and history, the duo continuously develop their collections of fine fragrances and scent solutions.

Auphorie fragrances are all handcrafted in the heart of tropical Asia, Malaysia. Eugene and Emrys source many precious natural extracts and essences from all over the world. A large proportion of natural ingredients goes into their fragrances which results in fragances that are "shibui", sophisticated, and hard to duplicate or mass produce. In the modern perfumery, most of the fragrances today are made using mostly synthetic molecules to replace those expensive natural essences. At Auphorie, however, the founders insist on blending their unique fragrances using many of the precious natural extracts, supported by a touch of genius aroma molecules.

At Auphorie, the founders also explore and develop the multisensory world. Eugene and Emrys take inspirations from different forms of art, for instance, visual art, fashion, design, photography, art of tea and flower, traditional art, music and films, performing arts, etc., and splice the traditional perfumery with subjects that engage multisenses. By integrating multisensory art, the duo aim to bring the world of scent into a whole new level which awakens the other senses as well. Multisensory scent solutions, multisensory merchandising, multisensory installations, etc., are parts and parcels of the missions and visions of the maison.

Last but not least, at the heart of the brand's business is charitable giving. Eugene and Emrys are committed to building a luxury brand that embraces social responsibilities. They believe in the old saying, "The rose's in her hands, the flavor in mine." 10% of the profits will be donated to carefully selected charitable organization every month, hoping that it will help towards improving the lives of the underprivileged. With such initiative, the duo offer their clients an opportunity to scent themselves and improve their lifestyles by wearing the handcrafted fragrances and at the same time giving the roses of charity to those in need.