Discontinued & Vaulted

Inspired by the beautiful bygone era. Complex and deep with a contrast of light and shadow. The signature contrast of the good ol' chypres is further emphasized in this composition, where notes of the full spectrum of brightness and darkness all come into play, teasing your senses to the max.

Contain a hearty dose of our custom-distilled natural oakmoss along with a myriad of exceptional quality materials developed by us.

Impromptu N°7 is part of our special project where we blended these beauties in Paris using carefully selected palette of exceptional quality raw materials, most of them are custom-distilled and only accessible to our workshop students. The Impromptus are considered to be the rarest of the rarest, the crème de la crème among our creations. Once sold out, they are gone forever.

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au