Discontinued & Vaulted


Notes included:

Real Oud Oils, "Sha Zao Hua" Oleaster Flower, Rose Otto, Jasmine, Orris Butter, Hami Melon, Xiangfei Raisin, Dried Jujube, Camel's Milk, Honey, Spices, Ambergris, Musk, Oakmoss

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au


Only one batch made. Cannot be re-created due to the specific vintages and types of custom-distilled oud oils and natural extracts used in this scent. Once sold out, this product will be vaulted right away and will never be produced again.

From the Imperial Oud Collection: This collection only consists of supremely constructed luxury extraits that feature authentic natural oud oils as well as many other precious raw ingredients. Authentic custom-distilled oud oils are dosed generously in different compositions of the Imperial Oud Collection, pairing fine oud oils with other phenomenal essences to create the most luxurious scents that befit royalty.

Inspired by the legendary Xiang Fei a.k.a. the Fragrant Consort, in this unique scent composition, we introduced a meticulously selected palette of raw materials that olfactorily depicts the fascinating lore of the legendary figure. When our proprietary melange of authentic custom-distilled oud oils meets a special collection of a variety of regional specialties, namely the exotic oleaster flower, Hami melon, Xiangfei raisin, dried jujube, camel’s milk and an assortment of spices. All of these materials are then well blended with an enchanting heart combo of rose otto, jasmine, orris butter and oakmoss.

It is normal to have some sediments/separations in this scent due to the nature of the raw materials used. Just gently shake well before applying it.