Discontinued & Vaulted


Notes included:

Real Oud Oils, Chinese “Chun Lan” Orchid, Ling Ling Xiang, Di Wang Xiang, Wild Rugosa Rose, Mandarin Orange, White Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk, Orris Butter

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au


Only one batch made. Cannot be re-created due to the specific vintages and types of custom-distilled oud oils and natural extracts used in this scent. Once sold out, this product will be vaulted right away and will never be produced again.

From the Imperial Oud Collection: This collection only consists of supremely constructed luxury extraits that feature authentic natural oud oils as well as many other precious raw ingredients. Authentic custom-distilled oud oils are dosed generously in each composition of the Imperial Oud Collection, pairing fine oud oils with other phenomenal essences to create the most luxurious scents that befit royalty.

Inspired by and named after one of the most charismatic figures in Chinese history and culture – Lanlingwang (the Prince of Lanling), Oud Lanlingwang features a series of carefully selected palette of raw materials, paired with our proprietary melange of authentic fine oud oils. Among them are three specialized materials which, when combined and deciphered in a specific way, reveal the name “Lanlingwang”. Born into the royal family of the Northern Qi Dynasty, Lanlingwang Gao Changgong was blessed with a beautiful face, a mellifluous voice and an altruistic personality. As a high-ranking general who was well-known for his valor and skill on the battlefield, his elegant visage had initially troubled him as he was often disparaged and mocked by his opponents. In order to intimidate his foes and to establish his prestige in the imperial army, he would wear a scary-looking mask to cover his face whenever he entered the battlefield and this has become one of the most widely known tales associated with this tragic hero.

As a tribute to Lanlingwang, apart from our proprietary melange of fine authentic oud oils specially concocted for this particular scent composition, we have also introduced three specialized materials – Chinese “Chun Lan” orchid, “Ling Ling Xiang” and Hainanese “Di Wang Xiang” – “Chun Lan” orchid traditionally correlated with virtuous individuals which in this case truly befits the character of Lanlingwang while at the same time corresponding to the etymology of the name “Lanling” (Hills where orchids bloom); “Ling Ling Xiang” a fragrant Chinese herb that plays an important role in classical Chinese scent culture; “Di Wang Xiang” a unique raw material from Hainan known as “the fragrance of emperors”. These are further supported by our specially curated wild rugosa rose from Shandong (which is the province where Lanling county is located in) and rested on a silky-smooth bed of white sandalwood, ambergris, musk and orris butter, making this a mellow yet vigorous composition that reflects the personal charisma of Lanlingwang.

A whopping 40% concentration of pure perfume oil in this extrait provides the most luxurious experience while remains easy to use at the same time. It is normal to have some sediments/separations in this scent due to the nature of the raw materials used. Just gently shake well before applying it.