Discontinued & Vaulted


Notes included:

Neroli, Shiyueju Mandarin, Ponkan, Mandarin Leaf, Bamboo Leaf, Ambergris, Gardenia, Jasmine, Zhangzhou Narcissus, Pomelo Blossom, Pear Blossom, Peach Blossom, Chinese Rose, Blue Hyacinth, Longjing Tea, Longan Fruit, Longan Flower Honey, Qingdao-Dahua Hop, Qingmei Green Plum, Longbai Chinese Juniper, Old-Arbor Cliff Cedar, White Sandalwood, Pinewood, Orris Butter, Green Kynam, Silver Osmanthus, Lichen, Oakmoss, Amber, Green Frankincense, Myrrh, Linglingxiang Herb, Suhexiang Resin, Vetiver, Patchouli, Civet, Musk, Onycha

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au


Only one batch made. Cannot be re-created due to the specific vintages and types of custom-distilled natural extracts used in these scents. Once sold out, this product will be vaulted right away and will never be produced again.

From the All-Natural Collection: This collection features an exclusive series of meticulously crafted luxury extraits made solely from natural ingredients, showcasing a diverse array of precious natural aromatics, including our bespoke, custom-extracted natural raw materials.

Introducing the first member of our All-Natural Collection – Qinglong, an all-natural extrait crafted to celebrate both our 9th anniversary and the Year of the Loong, draws inspiration from the revered Chinese divine creature, the “Lóng/Loong” (龙/龍), symbolizing power and auspiciousness. As we celebrate our ninth year since the establishment of our independent scent atelier, synchronously coinciding with the Year of the Loong in the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, our journey takes on a profound significance. This year, designated particularly as the Year of the Mulong or Qinglong, aligns with the principles of the Chinese Five Elements, where “Mu” (Wood) and “Qing” (Celadon color) symbolize the essence of this cycle, infusing our endeavor with the vitality of spring and the timeless classical opulence.

This scent composition delves deeply into the theme of the Year of the Mulong from various perspectives. Firstly, the Element of “Mu” heralds the dawn of a fresh cycle, much like the arrival of a new year, where lush greenery, vibrant blossoms, and budding trees paint the landscape with the colors of spring. Within this scent composition, these vivid images of vitality converge seamlessly, woven into a luxuriant and invigorating bouquet. Notes of mandarin, ponkan, verdant petitgrain and bamboo leaves intertwine with the enchanting essence of a Chinese garden in full bloom. Here, the rich yet delicate fragrance of gardenia, jasmine, Zhangzhou narcissus, neroli, pomelo blossom, pear blossom, peach blossom, Chinese rose and hyacinth unite in a symphony of floral abundance, evoking the picturesque allure of nature's splendor. In crafting this composition, we utilize our custom-made flower enfleurage extracts. These extracts are meticulously crafted to capture the delicate natural aromas of the flowers, resulting in a vibrant and lifelike portrayal of their blossoms. Moreover, the word “Mu” embodies the essence of wood, reflected in the inclusion of Chinese juniper, old-arbor cliff cedar, finely-aged white sandalwood, and pinewood, lending much depth, richness and complexity to the composition. Furthermore, the scent composition showcases a curated selection of natural aromatics, each bearing the name or essence of the revered divine creature within Chinese culture. Among these are longjing tea, a prestigious Chinese green tea cultivated near Xihu (West Lake), symbolizing the dwelling place of the Loong; longan fruit, evoking the creature's piercing eyes; longjiao lichen, a wild variety resembling the majestic horns of the creature; long’er onycha, a shell material integral to traditional Chinese incense-making, representing its ears; longbai Chinese juniper, a tree deeply rooted in cultural and historical significance alongside the divine creature; and notably, ambergris, historically attributed to the divine creature's saliva, esteemed for its rarity and highly prized as a natural perfumery ingredient. Each of these materials undergoes meticulous in-house extraction techniques, imparting a rich, profound, and enigmatic aura to the entire scent bouquet.

From the perspective of the color “Qing,” a revered hue in classical Chinese color palettes blending green and blue with various shades of gray, our scent composition artfully integrates elements that evoke its essence. Alongside an array of verdant leaves, we introduce a unique ingredient: Qingdao-Dahua, a type of hop flower renowned for imparting the distinctive aroma to Qingdao/Tsingtao beers. This addition brings forth a complex interplay of vegetal, herbaceous, hesperidic, and earthy notes, enriching the fragrance profile. Enhancing the green, lively fruitiness, Qingmei green plum joins the symphony of scents. While blue hyacinth, with its dewy-fresh, springlike, sweet-smelling aroma, weaves through the entire composition. Delving deeper, we incorporate Linglingxiang herb and Suhexiang resin, traditional components of Chinese incense-making, intertwined with green frankincense, myrrh, oakmoss, amber, vetiver, and patchouli, creating a harmonious blend of dark and deep tones that intriguingly juxtapose the bright and vivid aromas. Orris butter imbues a sense of calmness and lucidness, evoking an azure-like quality within the composition, while green Kynam oil and silver osmanthus envelop the scent blend, adding further layers of complexity and richness. As we conclude this olfactory journey, the inclusion of natural animalic materials introduces a captivating dimension, evoking a cuddly embrace that radiates warmth and sensuality. This intimate sensation adds depth to the scent, creating a full-bodied and multi-layered composition that exudes sophistication and allure.

Due to the nature and quality of the raw materials used, the scent will continue to age beautifully in the bottle with time when properly stored. It is normal to have some sediments/separations in this scent due to the nature of the raw materials used. Just gently shake well before applying it.