Discontinued & Vaulted


Notes included:

Mandarin Orange, Chinese Peony, Spices, Vetiver, Terracotta, Leather, Sandalwood, Orris Butter, Civet, Musk

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au



In March 1974, an accidental discovery made by a farmer brought a long-buried underground world to light. A massive collection of lifelike terracotta sculptures dating from the third century BCE has continued to amaze the world since then. Exactly inspired by this historical wonder, Bing Ma Yong is an unprecedented artistic depiction of the marvelous necropolis of the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang, in the form of fine fragrance.

Imagine as you opened the door to the underworld, you inhaled the scent from thousands of years ago, while those terracotta sculptures slowly awakened... Bing Ma Yong opens with an effervescent kick of mandarin orange and gradually reveals its earthy heart of terracotta, as well as vetiver and leather, adorned with spices and chinese peony. At a later stage, whiffs of our signature animalic undertone consisting of civet and musk gradually emerge and seamlessly mix with the creaminess of real orris butter and sandalwood. Overall, Bing Ma Yong depicts the dark atmosphere exuding from the Qin’s underworld, mesmerizing its wearers with its mysterious aura. There are no words that seem adequate enough to describe the complexity and ambiguity of Bing Ma Yong, which is one unique olfactory artwork that distills the terracotta marvel from around 2300 years ago into a bottle.



Regarding variations of packaging boxes and bottles: We are interchangeably using few types of packaging boxes and bottles, thus it is completely normal that the color and design of the packaging box and/or bottle that you receive may be different than the one shown in the product image(s). These variations of packaging DO NOT affect the juice contained.