Discontinued & Vaulted

Notes included:

Peach Blossom, Plum Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Hawthorn, Bamboo, Peony, Magnolia, Orchid, Jasmine, Oolong Tea, Sandalwood, Thuja, Cedar, Pinewood, Amber, Cashmere, Musk

Format: Extrait

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au



Our 16th scent is inspired by a symbolic creature of East Asia -- the red-crowned crane (丹頂鶴 / タンチョウヅル). Red-crowned cranes are very often regarded as a symbol of longevity, auspiciousness, and faithfulness. When we designed this auspicious scent, we were thinking of making a scent that contains as many East Asian elements as possible. We wanted to make a scent that evokes the cultural and historical richness of East Asia. And the result? We are happy to say that Red Crown has surpassed our expectation in an excellent way. This is a scent that may soak into one’s soul, bringing inner peace and tranquility, that resonate with the echoes of Tsuru-No-Sugomori. So now, shall we flee to the land of the dancing red-crowned cranes?