Discontinued & Vaulted


Notes included:

Finely-aged Tobacco, Real Oud Oils, Tuberose, Pineapple, Hoja Santa, Reeds, Cacao, Vanilla Bean, Musk, Ambergris

Format: Extrait, Mixed Media

Concentration: 40%

Perfumers: Eugene Au & Emrys Au

Size: 10ml Dab-on Bottle


Only one batch made. Cannot be re-created due to the specific vintages and types of custom-distilled oud oils and natural extracts used in this scent. Once sold out, this product will be vaulted right away and will never be produced again.

Tabac Oud Tlatoani is the fourth member of our Imperial Oud Collection. This collection only consists of supremely constructed luxury extraits that feature authentic natural oud oils as well as many other precious raw ingredients. Authentic custom-distilled oud oils are dosed generously in different compositions of the Imperial Oud Collection, pairing fine oud oils with other phenomenal essences to create the most luxurious scents that befit royalty.

Tabac Oud Tlatoani marries quality natural agarwood (oud) with finely-aged tobacco as well as a selection of fine essences symbolic of the Mesoamerican civilization. With Tabac Oud Tlatoani, we reimagine the Aztec scenes and harmoniously blend these mesmerizing essences inspired by the civilization with our proprietary melange of authentic custom-distilled oud oils from various regions. In this composition, finely-aged tobacco and real oud oils stand center stage against a luxurious backdrop of narcotic tuberose, sparkling pineapple, fresh hoja santa, velvety cacao, warm vanilla bean and a handful of reeds. Lastly, a silky-smooth bed of musk and ambergris at the dry down completes the composition.

A whopping 40% concentration of pure perfume oil in this extrait provides the most luxury perfume wearing experience while remains easy to use at the same time. It is normal to have some sediments in this scent due to the nature of the raw materials used. Just gently shake well before applying it.

*Pre-order offer has ended* Any purchase of Tabac Oud Tlatoani after October 31st, 2021; 11:59PM PDT (UTC-7) will NOT be entitled to pre-order free gift.