Summer Workshop 2019

We successfully held our first workshop in Paris this August. Together with a group of enthusiastic participants from various countries, we appreciated the beauty of East Asian incenses while learning the history of the Eastern Way of Scent. 



As we were smelling the unreleased perfume revived from a 17th-century imperial formula of the Qing Dynasty, we explored and discussed the origin of Oriental perfumes and the true root of the Oriental genre.



Every participant got to evaluate our specially selected palette of high-quality raw materials. Everyone had fun smelling, contemplating, designing and blending their own perfume with our guidance.



Here's what our participants thought about the workshop:


"I enjoyed the workshop immensely and wish I could go on experimenting and mixing. I thank you for coming up with such a thoughtful concept and well chosen, high-quality raw materials. Along with your expertise and experience I think every one of us participants came up with a lovely perfume. I know that I just love mine!" -- Gerlinde, Austria


"Meeting Eugene and Emrys was fascinating, exciting and inspiring. We were given a historical breakdown of materials used and why for incense making in each of the main Chinese Dynasties giving a fascinating background and insight into how Auphorie has developed and why Auphorie perfumes are so special and inventive. We were then guided into consideration and contemplation our own creative process with quality raw materials available on the day. Suggestions were offered on how to harmonise and give sillage, length, breadth and brightness to a combination we may choose. How to be patient and use suggested building blocks of base notes that they might support and underpin our chosen heart and feature notes and how to add top notes without overpowering the rest of the combined essences, accords and extracts chosen. The days flowed well, each topic being given adequate time to lead to an ever deepening exploration of the way a perfume with the materials provided could be created. It was interesting we all created something we hadn't anticipated which added to the overall magic. Eugene and Emrys were excellent teachers and wonderful hosts. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the finesse of fragrance creativity." -- Kathleen, UK


"It’s such a great pleasure to meet people in this workshop. Although the time is short, I have not only learned to know the details of the oriental perfume’s history, but also made our own perfume. In the process of understanding and producing, Eugene & Emrys have great patience of explain and pass on the expertise they have. At the end, each person have made there own perfume, and it’s unique!! Thank you so much. Really look forward of next opportunity." -- Yi-Chen, Taiwan


You are welcomed to join our upcoming workshops if you wish to experience this unforgettable, fun and informative workshop too!


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